Hello Eagles!

This is Mr. Gillespie, providing you with some fun and interesting ways to make music, while at home!

April 14 Update:

Mr. Gillespie's schedule for the rest of the year will look like this:

Look for a new music class EVERY TUESDAY!!!! at 1pm.  I'll have all sorts of lessons up there for you.  First up- musical instrument families.  I think there might even be a guest appearance from Penny or the cats...

If you need to reach me- EMAIL!!! Anytime, seriously.  Percy wants to hear from you. I will have "office hours" from 9am-10am on Fridays though, if you need an immediate response.  


March 30 Update:

In honor of Virtual Spirit Week, I have a fun home activity for everyone.  Just below, I have posted the lyrics to our School Song (We Are The Eagles), as well as a practice and background track.  

Play or download the background music, the lyrics, practice a few times, and then....RECORD YOURSELF!

Wait, that's not all.  Once you record yourself, you can email it to me at:


I will edit everyone's recordings together, and at the end of the week, post the final recording, of our WHOLE SCHOOL singing the song.  

Does this sound complicated?  Then email me and ask for help:


School Song.pdf

Be on the lookout for a composer of the month change, it's almost APRIL!!!!

-Mr. G

March 23rd Update:

Besides playing an instrument, or singing a song, you can make music using just your body!

Listen to the difference between a clap, snap, pat, and stomp.  Can you make a song using just those 4 moves?   Try playing Simon Says with your family and those sounds.  Can you make a really long song?

If you want to find ways to make music using your computer, tablet, or phone, try clicking the "Music Activities." 

If you want to learn more about our Composer of the Month, try clicking "Composer of the Month."

And, if you have ANY questions, or just want to check and see how Percy is feeling, you can email me at


I hope you are all doing well, and don't forget to check back weekly for more fun music stuff!

Mr. Gillespie