Open your Math journal to the next available page and write the date. If you are using a sheet of paper instead, also write your first and last name. Write the prompt on your paper.

Draw 8 flowers in the garden. Make some of them blue and some of them orange. Make another way to make 8.

I saw 9 bees. 5 of them were on the white flowers, the rest were on the yellow flowers. How many were on the yellow flowers? Draw it out and write your answer. 

I planted 4 trees on Saturday and four more trees on Sunday. How many trees did I plant in all?

Count all the way to 100. Can you write all numbers?

I picked 8 watermelon. 4 were ripe the others were not. How many were not ripe? Draw it out.

There were 13 starfish on a rock. Three more starfish joined them. Count on to find out how many starfish in all. Remember: Start counting up from 13.

Make a pattern with 3 different colors or shapes.

I saw 16 monkeys at the zoo. Then I saw 3 more. Count on to find out how many monkeys I saw in all. Remember: Do not start counting at 1.

There were 5 tanks in the aquarium. Each tank had 10 jellyfish. How many jellyfish were there in all? Draw it out and solve. Hint: count by 10s.

I fed the elephant at the zoo 5 peanuts. Then I fed it two more. How many peanuts did it eat in all?

I found 7 shells on the beach. Then two more washed up. How many shells did I find in all?

The baseball team scored 4 runs, then they scored 3 more. How many runs did they score in all?

In the park there were 12 birds in the bird bath and 14 eating breadcrumbs on the sidewalk. Draw it out and circle the group that had more.

At the zoo, there were two exhibits. One with 14 brown bears and one with 16 black bears. Which one had fewer?


I recycled 6 cans, then I recycled 5 more how many cans did I recycle?

Write your numbers as high as you can go. Make sure to check your chart to write them correctly.

I saw 14 Daffodils and then I saw 3 more. Count on to show how many Daffodils I saw in all.

I planted 10 carrots in each row of my garden. I planted 4 rows. How many carrots did I plant in all?

There were 4 snakes in the grass. Each snake had 10 stripes. How many stripes were there in all?  Draw it out and count by tens to solve.

Try to count to 100. How high did you get?

Write your numbers from 1-30.

There were 7 snakes. 3 had stripes. How many did not?

I saw 8 tigers, but 2 went away. How many were left?

I had 3 dimes and 2 pennies. That makes _______ cents.

There were 6 fish. The 1st two were small, the 2nd two were large, and the 3rd two were medium sized.

There were 6 hamburgers and 6 hot dogs on the grill. How many were there all together?

The zoo has 5 giraffes, 2 elephants, and 3 rhinos. That makes how many animals in the zoo?

I saw 4 blue fish then 8 yellow ones swam up. Now there are _____ fish swimming. 

I saw 4 brown monkeys and 3 orange monkeys. That makes _____ in all.

There were 6 lions in the grass. Then 4 more came. How many are there now?

There were 4 brown bunnies and 5 gray bunnies in my yard. How many were there all together? 

I saw 3 red flowers and 6 yellow flowers. That makes ______ in all.

Samantha has a banana. She wants to share it with Christopher. Draw how she can share the banana equally with him.

I have 6 cookies. I want to share them with two of my friends. How can we share them equally between all 3 of us?

Ashley has 7 pennies. How much money does she have? Draw and count.

Ana has 6 dimes. How much money does she have? Draw and count.

How much money is a quarter? How many pennies equal a quarter? Draw them.

How much money is a dime? How many pennies equal a dime? Draw them.

How much money is a nickel? How many pennies equal a nickel? Draw them.

Ms. Thompson found 3 dimes in her pocket. How much money does she have?

Kendra B had 6  lit birthday candles on her cake. She blew out three of them. How many candles are still burning?

Bella found 4 Easter eggs, then she found six more. How many eggs did she find all together?

Lochlan had seven jelly beans. He ate three of them. How many does he have left?

Christopher had ten cookies to share with Samantha. How could he share the cookies equally? Draw it out.

Write numbers from 1-20 or higher. Double check to make sure that you have formed the numbers correctly.

Leone had 5 coins on dreambox. He used 1 to play at the carnival. How many coins do he have left?


Ms. Thompson read three books on Saturday. She read two more on Sunday. How many books did she read in all?


You can draw circles to solve the problem. This is Math, not Art.

Count more than once. Check your answer.

Don't forget to write the number for your answer.

Use the number chart to make sure you are writing your numbers correctly.